Hair & Skin Products

We are all about products at "Oxygen". From hair, to skin care we have everything you need.

Permanent Makeup

Hair and Skin products

We are all about products at "Oxygen". From hair, to skin care we have everything you need.


A prescription treatment made by Allergan, for hypotrichosis used to grow eyelashes, making them longer, thicker, and darker.

10 minutes$125.00

Obagi skin care products

Obagi skin care products are one of the best skin in the world. We have a large selection to choose from at the best prices in St. Louis. Come in today and let's talk about your skin care needs.

5 minutes$36.00

Oxygen RX skin care

We private labeled our own brand of skin care the works great, it's easy to use, and it's a great price.

5 minutes$36.00

Jan Marini, skin research co.

Jan Marini is on the cutting edge of skin care production. You will love the results of the full line of products. Prices start at $28.00 and up.

10 minutes$28.00

RX Systems, Skin care line

RX Systems is a scientifically advanced skin care line, able to take care of all your skin care needs. For $30 and up.

10 minutes$30.00


You can trust NeoCutis skin care.

5 minutes$50.00

Elta MD

We carry Elta MD for your best protection from the sun. The best sunblock with Zinc Oxide to reflect the sun rays off you. Get yours today at Oxygen.

5 minutes$28.00

Glytone skin products

Our newest skin care line that we carry. You will see great results with Glytone.

5 minutes$35.00

Instantly Ageless

Instantly Ageless will make your puffy eyes look 10 - 20 years younger.

5 minutes$65.00

Surface hair products

Surface hair products are from an all green company. Surface hair care will leave your hair feeling like silk, healthy, and looking fantastic.

5 minutes$21.00

GK hair products

GK hair products is also an all green company, producing the best hair products on the market. You can get GK hair product at "Oxygen Hair Salon"

5 minutes$19.00