skin tag and mole removal

The SuperFrecator cauterizer removes, Common moles, Skin tags, Warts, Cherry Angiomas, & Calcium deposits

Skin Tag and Mole Removal

All prices are quoted (starting at) and all final pricing is determined upon consultation office visit that is $25, which will apply toward the price of service purchased. All deposits are non-refundable.

SuperFrecator Mole and Skin Tag Remover

SuperFrecator mole & skin tag remover

The Super Frecator cauterizer can remove, Common moles, skin tags, Warts, Cherry Angiomas, and Calcium deposits. One thing you need to find out before deciding to remove anything by this procedure is to find out if it will be covered by your insurance policy. Sad to say, skin imperfections are removed due to cosmetic reasons since they are harmless. Insurance policies would not compensate or pay you for the expenses. At "Oxygen" since your paying for it we want to make it very affordable for you. Priced on size of spot treated $15 to $150 per spot.

20-30 minutes$35.00